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> I fully understand the enormity of the problem but that doesn't 
> change my
> opinion of the direction of things to come.  ... 
> Hey Kevin, you were aware the nazis made auto fuel from coal way 
> back before
> and during world war 2, ja?
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fischer-Tropsch_process
> We can make heptane, octane or any other ane from coal, given 
> sufficientquantities of electrical power.  This would be 
> done for those processes in
> which electrical power cannot be used directly, such as aircraft and
> emergency vehicles.  The rest of us can slow down.  A 
> lot.  And move bits,
> not butts.
> spike
Yeah. I'm aware of countless methods that have been used to make fuel from other things. There are so many out there and the only real requirement is a huge increase in electricity output. This is the entire basis behind my change in opinion. I never said it would be easy or painless. Only that the easiEST route is to make regular ol' gasoline from other things. Electricity production is only limited by our desire to put in nuke plants and/or invest the money into satellites or other things. Increasing electrical output 100 fold is still much easier than trying to reinvent the entire infrastructure and market place revolving around petro. Once we increase electrical production, the oil problem will go away. This increase in electrical output will have to happen in the next 10-15 years and if so, the last of the oil reserves will still be there when we have this capability and it will actually be cheaper to make gas than to get oil out of the ground.

Oil is just a naturally occurring battery. It's not magic. It just transfers energy. Making gasoline obviously takes much more energy than you get out of it, but there is plenty of energy around to be had and we don't need to worry too much about efficiency once we build the facilities to generate it. The lack of electrical capacity at the moment has nothing to do with lack of resources. 
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