[ExI] Oil will never run out

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Mon Jun 30 03:07:47 UTC 2008

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Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008 21:52
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> On Sunday 29 June 2008, Kevin Freels wrote:
> > I'm sorry. Do you not see the necessity of an economically 
> stable and
> > prospering civilization to have the resources available to develop
> > the new technologies necessary to bring about singularity?
> Resource availability has little to do with finances at this 
> time. For 
> instance, if you are poor or if you have a billion dollars, the 
> star is 
> still above us. For instance, whether you are poor or rich, your 
> cells 
> are still replicating and doing pretty interesting things. For 
> instance, it is possible to make things without money, just as 
> your 
> body does.
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I forget sometimes that you are young. You just completely avoided the question.
The technology necessary for singularity isn't going to be made by some guy in a cave. It requires extremely high technology - far beyond what is capable of now. Technology requires industry. Industry requires economies. Economies require stability. Without stable growing economies you get no advancing industry and no advancing technology. A cell phone without civilization is just a paper weight.
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