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Tue Nov 11 18:58:16 UTC 2008

I am frankly sick and tired of this whole irrational and offensive barrage
of conservatives and how they depict liberals. The thing is, US liberals
are by any standard *far* to the right of most political parties in western
europe. By comparison if the right wing of the US slanders their left
wing (who we in europe regard as equivalent to our furthest right on the
political spectrum) just HOW can we ever in Europe hope to trust US
republicans? You'd be regarded as absolutely *monstrous* over here.

So what you told me, is nothing. you only succeeded in completely
alienating me. Your rhetoric gives me reason to actively vote for parties
that break ties with the US and disband NATO.

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 6:33 PM, Frank McElligott <frankmac at ripco.com>wrote:

>  My daughter worked as a Para legal for a liberal,  a very liberal law
> firm in Chicago while the president elect was a working the Southside as a
> Community Organizer.
> He spent many hours in that law office while seeking monies for the people
> he represented. The man is not just a liberal, he is a  VERY LIBERAL, and
> will take this country in that direction.
> Also, the speaker of the house in the state of Illinois, is quote at
> cocktail parties,  stating that the president elect
> was the most IN-effectual lawmaker he ever saw coming out of the city of
> Chicago in the last 30 years.
> By the by, daughter is liberal, but she voted for McCain,
> hope that tells you something.
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