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> I don't think that's likely.  In fact, I think the chances 
> are that few humans will get off the planet and that the most 
> likely physical state population at the end of this century 
> is zero.  You can see why I think so in "the clinic seed." Keith

Keith, you would have liked Anders Sandberg's pitch this morning at the
global catastrophy conference at the computer history museum in Mountain
View Taxifornia:


I haven't reviewed the clinic seed yet, but my initial opinion is that human
extinction in this century is most unlikely.

Local exi-ers, Anders is in town this weekend, but I intentionally did not
make plans for a exi-schmooze because I didn't know his schedule.  Open to
suggestions.  I may not be able to make the scene myself because of an
upcoming biz trip and the usual family obligations.  My house is not as
workable as a meeting spot, for it has gone from a roomy suburban residence
to an explosion in a toy factory.  {8-] 

Here's something unrelated but cool:



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