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Spike wrote:
>>Certainly in the old days (mid 90s) we took on a lot more heavy topics.

>Ahhh...., the whispered about age when giants bestrode the Extropian list,
that was a vast five years or so before I joined in '99...
Bestrode.  I like that word.  Isn't clear how to handle the tense.  I have
bestrodden this list before and intend to bestride it in the future, for I
immodestly consider myself one of the best-
riders present.  
>Spike, do you know of people who have archived the list from those days and
could share some of the more impressive threads?
Web geeks, can you answer this please?

> What were some of the heavy topics that your remember?  
Politics and war.
> And what were some of the conclusions reached (if any)? John  : )
None ever, other than reinforcing the utter futility of discussing politics
and war in this forum.

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