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> This would help:
> http://xkcd.com/481/

This one is even better altho not on the same topic:


We might want to come up with a continuation downward that might be
interesting.  Wiki has this to say about Randall Monroe: 

A native of Easton, Pennsylvania, Munroe grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia
and was a fan of the funny pages from an early age[1] starting off with
Calvin and Hobbes.[2] After graduating from the Chesterfield County
Mathematics and Science High School at Clover Hill: A Renaissance Program,
he graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2006 with a degree in
Physics.[3][4] Munroe worked as an independent contractor for NASA at the
Langley Research Center [5] before and after his graduation. In January 2006
his NASA contract lapsed and he began to write xkcd full-time. He now
supports himself by the sale of xkcd related merchandise.[1][6] The webcomic
quickly became very popular, garnering up to 70 million hits a month by
October 2007.[7]

He has also toured the lecture circuit, giving speeches at such places as
Google's Googleplex in Mountain View, California .[8]

Munroe lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.[1]


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