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Sun Nov 16 20:14:04 UTC 2008

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> Subject: [ExI] convergence 08
> "spike" <spike66 at att.net> bragged:
>  >From merely standing in the presence of these four men, I 
> am so in  > awe of myself.  This photo is one of my most 
> prized digital  > possessions:
>  > http://www.flickr.com/photos/arenamontanus/3033410799/
>  > spike
> Spike!  What did you say to Anders?  Whatever it was, you 
> spooked him badly. Never seen him look so uncomfortable.
> Ben Zaiboc

Hey I didn't do it, Ben.  Freitas mighta done something but I and Ralph were
too far away and both of Amos' hands are visible, so I would suspect it was
just that a delightful thought occurred to Anders right when the
photographer reached three.  His brain must be an absolutely delightful
place to inhabit.  

>From Anders' comment on the photo, it might have been the realization of how
to make the universe as good as it can possibly be.  Life forms make
conscious decisions, and sentient beings make decisions that have actual
consequences, both positive and negative.  A universe devoid life forms
capable of actual decisions with consequences would also be devoid of evil
and would therefore be as good as possible under those circumstances.
Looking around at all life forms on this planet, it is possible to speculate
that a universe devoid of all life forms capable of thought or pain might
actually have a higher average happiness function than the one we inhabit.

But I don't think so.  My ants appear happy, and there are far more of them
than there are of me.  Besides I am happy too, although perhaps not quite as
delighted as Anders appears to be in this priceless photo.



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