[ExI] petaflop computers

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> > It's a milestone, not a barrier.
> Sure, but I am a little confused with regard to the 
> journalistic hype that presents it as a kind of dramatic 
> paradigm shift, without on the other hand ever precisely 
> indicating what classes of problems exist that are radically 
> intractable at a teraflops level but do not require in the 
> least esaflops or ettaflops computers...
> Stefano Vaj

Yes, and they need to go into a bit more detail about the specific class of
problems that can be solved with massively parallel computing.  Some
problems require linear calculations, most problems actually, so I am
interested in the fastest single processors.  Of course we can always make a
jillion of these and set them to work in parallel to play chess or searching
for record primes and such, but that is a limited class of calculations.

What is the state of the art in linear processing?  How many flops are we
getting out of the latest 2000 dollar consumer level machine?


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