[ExI] F.A.q.2 Conference - Syncretism of the Senses

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sat Nov 22 15:44:50 UTC 2008

I will be speaking at the SESC Servico Social do Comercio of Brazil, and the
Instituto Sergio Motta of São Paulo Conference "Syncretism of the Senses" in
Sao Paulo, Brazil next week.  Here is a link

My talk is on "Synthetic Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno Skin".  

Here is an excerpt from the talk which accompanies a video clip:

"What is more intimate to each person than the very skin of the body—the
sensuous touch, taste and smell of our skin?  The skin visible and exposed,
as it displays our character and emotions; yet, it is also hidden and
private, as it covers the curves and creases of our bodies and breaths we us
each breath, sigh and quiver.  While skin has sensual and sexual
characteristics, we forget that it is an organ and serves a precise function
of our physiology, without which we could not exist in our current
biological form.  Skin also is vulnerable to the environment as cancer is on
the rise and while our skin has been protecting us for eons, now we must
protect it.  How can we use applicable technology and visionary science to
protect our skin and still maintain its integrity as a intimate part of our
identity, our presence in the world, and our experience of the world around


"The protocol of nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technologies
is anything but human, as it suggests cold, mechanical and invasive
technology.  Cognitive science and neuro science are a bit more familiar
from a biological viewpoint, but they too suggest tampering with our
thoughts and probing our privacy. It seems paradoxical that the intimacy and
sensuality of skin could be preserved in these emerging technologies and
sciences.  But it is possible. The smart skin of “Primo Posthuman” future
body prototype illustrates how nano-bio-info-cogno skin could maintain and
enhance the characteristics of skin.  For example, smart skin’s outer sheath
would be composed of assembled molecular cytes or cells connected together
to form the outer fabric of the body. The smart skin is engineered to
repair, remake, and replace itself. It contains nanobots throughout the
epidermal and dermis to communicate with the brain to determine the texture
and tone of its surface. It transmits enhanced sensory data to the brain on
an ongoing basis. The smart skin learns how and when to renew itself, alerts
the outside world of the disposition of the person, or maintains individual
privacy; gives specific degrees of the body’s temperature from moment to
moment; and reflects symbols, images, colors and textures across its
contours. It is able to relate the percentages of toxins in the environment
and the extract radiation effects of the sun."

Nlogo1.tif  <http://www.natasha.cc/> Natasha Vita-More
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