[ExI] celtic woman

ben benboc at lineone.net
Mon Nov 24 19:46:14 UTC 2008

"spike" <spike66 at att.net> said:

 >What a concept!  Has it ever been done?  Beautiful women
 >singing religious songs while nude or very nearly so.  They would
 >scoop up so many heatherns they could scarcely hold them all.
 >They would have my full and undivided. It has already been done
 >in rock n roll, i.e. Madonna, but this is the first sacred melody 
 >delivered in this stunning manner.


Reminds me of a joke, about a pope getting to heaven, and after getting 
part-way through reading the bible in it's original form, starts banging 
his head on the table, tears in his eyes, muttering "it's not 
/celibate/, it 's CELEBRATE!"

Ben Zaiboc

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