[ExI] VP for Creationism

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 05:23:35 UTC 2008

Spike wrote:
> Alaska the ideal situation in which to introduce the philosophical absurdity
> of choosing a particular creation myth to teach alongside evolution.  Shall
> we attempt to identify and catalog *all* known creation myths, and teach
> them all on an equal basis?

I went to public schools in Alaska and a science teacher I had there actually put aside an entire class period to teach/learn about the creation stories of other cultures.  He was the "Carl Sagan" of my highschool and he taught a terrific course in astronomy.  I think in today's legal climate he would have to tread very lightly compared to how he did things back then.  He was a tad arrogant about discussing evolution.  

We watched the films 2001 and 2010 in his class.  Oh, and Spike, he could easily have passed for your cousin or older brother. lol

Regarding BillK's comment about beginning to teach evolution in Alaskan public schools, well, this has already been going on for years. lol  And as for Stefano's psychiatry jibe, a sad fact of life is that my alma mater (despite having several large hospitals close to it) lacks a medical school.  The Alaskan state government has a tradition of shortchanging higher education, despite our massive oil revenues.  And so young Alaskans tend to leave the state for their educations and then never return to live and work.    


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