[ExI] wtf? (literally)

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>> NYT:
>> < David Duchovny has entered a rehabilitation center for sex
>> addiction...
>> What?! Does this imply that in the US one can be *forcibly*
>> committed to rehab *involuntarily* for *fucking around too much*???
> ...
> Come now, Doctor Broderick, can you not see the transparency of this sham?
> Suppose one is a total sex addict.  What better plan than to feign remorse,
> check oneself into a facility for recovering sex addicts?  Group therapy
> anyone?  {8-]
> After this sex addiction rehab, one might find its counterpart, its
> bugger-rehab, or sex addiction dehab.  Then one is free to go back to rehab,
> repeating the exhausting cycle indefinitely.
> Duchovney isn't fooling me for a minute.
> spike

Be a little careful with the word "bugger", especially in this
context. Also be aware that *all* of its derivations come ultimately
from its "technical" meaning.



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