[ExI] Book: Vita-More in The Gaming Trilogy

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Fri Sep 5 16:32:52 UTC 2008

This book is amazing - it covers a world of gaming and interactive media.
It is the 3rd volume of The Gaming Trilogy, Homo Ludens Ludens,  546 pages,
full of amazing gaming images.


The focus of my work for this book is "Morphological Freedom" and responds
to the talk Anders Sandberg and I gave in SL-Transhumanists.  I designed two
images, each appears as full-page renditions, along with written text which
correspond to the concept. 





Natasha Vita-More <http://www.natasha.cc> 

BFA, MS, MPhil/PhD Candidate, Planetary Collegium

Faculty of Technology, School of Computers, Communication and Electronics

University of Plymouth, UK


Arts and Design - <http://www.transhumanist.biz>  NBIC+ Convergence

H+ Europe <http://www.transhumanism.eu> 



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