[ExI] QT and SR

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Sep 7 02:28:53 UTC 2008

Damien writes

> other.  When you have a term for each atom in a bowling ball or 
> brain, it turns out that the coefficient for each of the cross terms 
> are random relative to each other due to environmental decoherence 
> and they cancel out leaving the sum of intensities, which is, by 
> definition, classical."
> But just for the pure intellectual fun of it,

Eh? Likely story. This makes me wonder if you're trying
to hide something.

> Lee, suppose in the spirit of science fiction that you posit
> the reality of veridical (if infrequent and stochastic) precognitive
> correlations. Could you account for those in a MWI way,
> without any superluminal or reversed-time connections?

Just where are you going with this line of questioning? I suspect
that you have a hidden agenda and are trying to make the
entire possibility of the preposterous notion that ESP-like
phenomena could have a scientific basis more plausible to
innocent readers unaware of your wiles. Enough trickery,
Damien!  Out with it.

What if one of your leading questions were to surreptitiously
get me to look at things differently. I think that that's what 
you're up to, and I for one am not about to be fooled. Enough
of the leading questions, all right?

> Bear in mind that by hypothesis these 
> effects are *larger than can be accounted for just by chance*.

Your subtle allusions to the so-called results of a few of many,
many countless experiments aren't getting past me, fellah.


> I don't think it's sufficient to say, "Hey, in a MW metaverse, weird 
> shit happens all the time, but different weird shit in different universes."

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