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> John Grigg
> ...The kid's today would drool at 
> having access to the "take your life into your own hands" 
> home chemistry sets that the kids in your generation had...

John I had one of those chemistry sets that had *plenty* of ways to hurt
oneself.  But by around 1970 when I got mine, they had already removed most
of the really cool dangerous stuff.

>...As a kid who had a free subscription to Boy's 
> Life due to being a Scout, I always had wanted to build the 
> cool stuff advertised in the back of the magazine, such as a 
> hovercraft, robot or ray gun...

I too was a scout.  It was the geek thing to do before the days of the
internet.  The last page of Boy's Life you may recall was the Gifts&Gimmicks
page, full of geeky mind-expanding toys, few of which worked as advertised
but good for a laugh.

Don't buy the X-ray glasses, they don't work.

> ... 
> I could see Spike and his son one day having fun with a book 
> like this...
> http://www.amazon.com/Curious-Boys-Book-Exploration/dp/1595142
> John Grigg  : )

Cool, thanks for the heads up John!


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