[ExI] Uploading people has started.

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 13:44:38 UTC 2008

See:  <http://www.virsona.com/>

Virsona  makes "virtual personas" for chat. The idea is that you feed
it the written works and online resources of a particular persona, and
then its chatbot will respond with the appropriate facts and

Quote from website:
Virsonas are "Virtual Personas," created to Reason, Remember and React
in the same way that a living, fictional or historical person would.
You can create the "Virtual You" as a Personal Virsona™ or you can
create and / or interact with one of our Community Virsonas.
Interacting with our Community Virsonas opens up a world of
possibility - you can actually talk directly to one of your heroes,
conduct research or simply have FUN! You can also create Virsonas of
departed loved ones, your pet(s), as well as for commonly shared
experiences, for example; "The First Kiss."

Our Virsonas don't know the answers to everything, but they are
capable and willing to learn. As part of the Virsona Community, you
can participate in "educating" them using the "Teach" button. So, if
you chat with a Virsona and it doesn't know the answer, simply create
your free account, and you can begin to "teach" it by simply inputting
the correct answers! That's the beauty of a Community; participation,
sharing and learning.

I can hardly wait for the virtual 'Lee Corbin' !!!   ;)


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