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Thu Sep 11 01:08:38 UTC 2008

"Stefano Vaj" <stefano.vaj at gmail.com> wrote,
> In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find anybody declaring himself
> against "freedom", even though, say, in absolutism monarchies this
> used to mean just "freedom from foreign dominations" (as in "Jeanne
> d'Arc freed the Kingdom from the Englishmen").

I think everybody wants "freedom".  It's just that different people have 
different interpretations of what they need to be free from.  A libertatian 
blames all ills on the government, and therefore wants the freedom of 
anarchy.  A person tired of spam and scammers wants freedom from criminals 
and wants the government to "do something".  A communist wants freedom from 
corporations making everybody a wage slave.  While a free-marketeer wants 
freedom to be in charge of their own business all by themselves.  Some 
people want the freedom to experiment with drugs, while others want the 
freedom to walk down a city street without drug-crazed persons mugging them. 
Gun lovers want the freedom to carry protection, while gun haters want the 
freedom to walk down the street unafraid of armed robbery.  A gay person 
wants the freedom to form any relationships, while a fundamentalist wants 
the freedom to live in a country "free" of gays.  Everybody wants freedom, 
but only for their own desires, and only using the methods they think will 
bring about their freedom.

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