[ExI] Terrorist? Who can tell?

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 23:55:29 UTC 2008

Hey, let's invade Iran and then just keep going!  U.S. foreign policy should
be just like playing the classic boardgame Risk!  Oh, wait, that would be
biting off more than we can chew...

I am amazed (in a good way) there is not more support for reinstating the
draft.  It would be a key way of having and American military capable of of
doing everything on the Neocon wishlist.  But so much life and treasure has
already been spent and we still don't see the light at the end of the

I think had New York City itself been vaporized in a flash of nuclear fire,
we would have likely seen a draft brought back.  And people would have
generally embraced it.

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