[ExI] Uploading people has started.

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri Sep 12 07:06:25 UTC 2008

BillK writes

> Virsona  makes "virtual personas" for chat. The idea is that you feed
> it the written works and online resources of a particular persona, and
> then its chatbot will respond with the appropriate facts and
> personality.
> ...
> I can hardly wait for the virtual 'Lee Corbin' !!!   ;)

*You* can hardly wait! For decades(!), I've dreamed about
getting 2 seconds per second experience afforded by the
original plus the copy, and despite all the work, genuine
realization is still decades away. I'll probably have to
wait for uploading  :-(

Bryan writes

> I've *met* the _real_ Lee Corbin, and he's been retired for THIRTY years 
> ever since his make and model was terminated from the factory floor.

You probably just encountered the prototype/facsimile that was
supposed to be confined to Marin County while I was in Tacoma
this summer. Please don't tell me it was loose in the south bay,
nosing around Palo Alto or Stanford.

And Mike, if you have any details about a Patagonia sighting, please
forward them to me---it's possible that yet another one has got away
(I've never been to South America).


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