[ExI] the Spanish today

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Sep 14 11:44:38 UTC 2008

Damien writes:
> and might as well mention that when I was a university student some
> friends and I got the mandatory licence and went gold-mining, built a
> Wonderful Venturi Machine that was certain to suck up any residual
> "dirt" (as flakes of the precious stuff were called) from a creek,
> and centrifuge the stuff into a pot of gold. Didn't work, sadly, and
> I almost got one leg cut off, but I digress.

:)))  How did we ever live through university? :))) We used to go "renaulting" when
the driver had had enough to drink to be "fun" on a local uncompleted highway!

... boggles the mind...


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