[ExI] People are Genuine Altruists, Sociopaths, or Confused/Moody

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Sep 14 19:21:19 UTC 2008

> ...On Behalf Of Max More
> >- Giving blood?
> This example is (if I'm informed correctly) not a good one, 
> unlike your others. Apparently, giving blood can be 
> beneficial to your health (if you are male) by lowering 
> concentrations of iron in the body... Can anyone confirm this? Max

Hi Max!  Glad to see you posting.

Next week I will hit the four gallon donor mark, but in all these years I
never knew bloodletting had any health benefits.  I hope it is true.  In my
case I suspect it is not because my beef consumption is about a tenth what
it was a decade ago.

The reason I give blood is that it is my way of donating something of value
without costing me any actual money.  Or rather, a needle stick is far less
painful than cleaning the cobwebs off my wallet and removing the decaying
bills therein.  So my donations are simultaneously generous or selfish,
depending on how you look at it.  Is a partial altruist called a sometruist?

Stanford blood bank keeps calling my wife because she is O negative CMV
negative.  I suggested she take a few weeks vacation in England, which makes
one ineligible to donate.  We are told it is because they devour nearly raw
cows there.  {8^D  John and Bill, do you guys really eat bovine sushi, or is
it urban legend?


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