[ExI] People are Genuine Altruists, Sociopaths, or Confused/Moody

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Mon Sep 15 03:10:35 UTC 2008

"Lee Corbin" <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote,
> Harvey writes
>> - You keep arguing that my answers are really lies because I am afraid to 
>> admit the truth.
> Find me anywhere where I have argued that. Please. I cannot believe
> I would ever have done that. I have stated on any occasion that you
> were telling lies? GO AHEAD. Try to find an instance.
> I have never, to my knowledge, announced that you were
> afraid of anything. Please give me a concrete example where
> Oh, please where, WHERE have I said anything at all about
> anyone on this list being cowardly, least of all you! This *sounds*

Give it a rest.  You are constantly implying this.  I know you are going to 
object and nitpick every single example, so I don't relaly want to rehash 
every instance.  But below are a few quick cut-and-pastes from the last few 
e-mails still in my inbox from you:

> So suspicious! Always worried about what a "yes" may lead to, eh?

> But wringing such confessions (it's too hard for them to be merely
admissions) is like pulling teeth.

> Okay, okay, I get it.  You're simply not going to admit any more
than you already I (I'm speaking of a collective you, here).

> In the cases at hand, it's more likely that one is worried (and perhaps
rightly so) that the admission of certain statements, true as though they
may be, will have damaging social consequences.

> Well, I don't think so.  And so why don't you just wait for the
"big moment", and be unafraid of answering my little admissions?

> Yeah, just like my friend Andy in high school. He was simply
afraid of where a line of questions might lead.

>Well, evidently it makes *you* suspicious, defensive, and angry.

> Just go with the flow. You have nothing to fear but fear itself.  :-)

>Don't assume that everyone is a fool but you and that
they don't see that there may be some weird primrose path down
which I'm going, and that they don't realize that they're being not
only very nice by answering honestly, but conveying that they have
nothing to hide and are unafraid.

>I wanted honestly see what the boundaries of the claims of you, BillK,
and Damien were.  I honestly expected[....]  But oh, no. Lee might have
something up his sleeve. This mght be, might be, might be.... a trap!
Who knows what his next question might be???  Christ, I might have
to re-examine something I believe!

See a pattern?  You keep implying that people aren't honestly answering your 
questions out of fear.  It really makes it hard to have a conversation with 

Harvey Newstrom <www.HarveyNewstrom.com>

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