[ExI] I hope this is hysterical nonsense

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Mon Sep 15 12:43:33 UTC 2008

Dagon writes

> I must state I am ideologically compelled to regard this
> as true.

Maybe you ought to try running things the other way,
and aim for having your ideology based on what is
true rather than the other way around  :-)  

(Yes, just a cheap shot, sorry.)

> The "history books" in a century (if we still use those) 
> will explain how in 2000 the US suffered a silent coup.
> I am looking forward to a full explanation of their motive,

Good. You signed up for cryonics, or just hopeful that
Aubrey and his friends make a breakthrough just in
time for you?

> but I expect it'll prove to have been corporatism run amok. 

I expect that by then even the most committed follower of
20th century ideology will have made his piece with the free
market (and yes, this will have included reducing the size of
government to the point that unions and corporations no 
longer profit from bribing politicians and running government
regulatory boards).

> Even more bitter is the continued ties between Christians and
> Fascists.

Indeed there are a whole lot of people who persist in calling
themselves "Christians", but who are those others you refer
to? Nobody I know says he's a Fascist. In fact, in the U.S.
the people who go around still calling themselves Communists
must outnumber those who go around calling themselves
Fascists by 100 to 1.  Who is it that is a Fascist and not
admitting it?  And (just to make sure I learn something here)
isn't socialism an explicit part of Fascism?

> Those xians claim to be heavenly, all about turning 
> the other cheek and being meek and shit, but in practice
> their behavior is more in sync with the demons of the
> third bolgia of hell.

Whoever it is you're talking about, what behaviors 
exactly do they exhibit that are not reflected by other
groups? You seem to think that whoever they are,
they're much un-nicer than other ideologues.

> Jung will have something to say about that, no doubt. 

I think he's quite dead, sorry. No freezey, no livey (ancient
Chinese proverb). On the other hand, perhaps we at the
UI (http://www.universalimmortalism.org/WDraft.htm)
may prove successful in the end, and so (hopefully) you
will turn out to be right about Mr. Jung, and our ability
to solicit his opinion. Nobody should be dead if it can
be helped, there are already too goddam many dead people.


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