[ExI] silly riff on :Nature of Humor: Grinning and Laughing

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Tue Sep 16 04:03:34 UTC 2008


> On Behalf Of Lee Corbin
> Subject: [ExI] Nature of Humor: Grinning and Laughing
> Several books suggest that laughing, smiling, and grinning 
> came about as evolutionary signals.
> Question: when you are completely alone, and something 
> strikes you as amusing or funny, do you ever smile or laugh out loud?
> Thanks,
> Lee

I do.  I have been caught laughing in an empty room.  The scary part is it
sometimes isn't even something I saw or read, but rather just thought of
something funny and made myself laugh out loud.  

I crack me up.  Mine is a fun brain to live in.

To run with the idea just a bit, it shouldn't surprise us that it is
theoretically possible to tickle one's own funny bone.  We can after all get
ourselves pissed off, ja?  We can get our selves sexually aroused by the
appropriate mental imagery.  In some ways, autoeroticism is actually more
effective than an erotic video, for one controls everything in one's own
fantasy, rather than seeing some other bonehead's notion of what is sexy,
which usually isn't.  (It isn't sexy, right?  Someone tell me I'm not the
only one.)

So then, if we ever get to where we can download our mental selves and if we
can mess around with the code, one thing I want to do is find the mechanism
for humor and the mechanism for eroticism.  Then I want to switch those two,
so that funny is erotic and vice versa.  Just think of the fun we could have
with that!  

Of course it would have its disadvantages.  One would not be able to relieve
the semen pressure on the brain while showering, for everyone in the house
would hear and know exactly what you are up to.  Waiting in the dentist
office, Readers Digest, you would need to skip the jokes and read the stupid
articles, just to keep from scaring away the little old ladies, who would
begin to look very attractive.   Closing time at the local singles bar,
everyone would be laughing at each other.  If your partner is seriously
turned on, you would know she is faking the orgasm.  The fertility clinic
sample collection room would be a hoot but wouldn't result in any successful
inseminations.  Sitcom laugh tracks could be created from an orgy. No
scratch that, it would sound like a pack of hyenas.  And so forth.   


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