[ExI] a great movie for Transhumanist grownups and kids...

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Yes, I enjoyed the "Meet the Robinsons" movie very much. As a techno girl, and as an animator. There is of course my animated movie you all might want to consider supporting, as it stands right now I am not generating the kind of support that I need to continue making my movie (which includes nanotech, AI, cryonics and science galore). Please email me offllist to find out how you can help........... um, cuz I really need the help : ) a lot ; ) Thank you! 

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  I just saw "Meet the Robinsons" and was totally charmed by this very inspirational and pro-technology film.  A fun and very smart CGI production by Disney (based on the book by William Joyce), it tells the story of Lewis, an orphan who has a brilliant scientific mind and is driven to invent, despite many failures and obstacles.  He gets mixed up with time travelers and has to prevent a horrible timeline from taking hold.  

  When he is in the "future" the name of the city is "Todayland", which I thought was pretty funny (as compared to Disney's "Tomorrowland").  The metropolis was obviously based on retro visions of the future and I loved the scene where a skyscraper is "erected" in the blink of an eye with some unknown technology so that it almost appears to have been inflated like a balloon.  But I'm not sure which one was scarier, the pneumatic public transport tubes in Futurama or the people moving bubbles in Meet the Robinsons! lol

  What I loved most about the film was how much heart it had.  Lewis is desperate to find a loving family to adopt him and finds that the couples looking for kids don't appreciate his (sometimes explosive!) inventing talent.  But by the end of the film he has gained hope and vision for his future and has learned the motto "keep moving forward!"  Lewis knows at that point that his scientific ability can push forward technological progress and over time make a vastly better world.  This movie is ideal to share with kids *and* adults because it has such an overwhelmingly positive message about making the right choices in life (showcasing a villain who excels at blaming others for all his problems and even admits to this) and the importance of science education, invention and technological progress.  It is great Transhumanist family fare.  : )                                   

  Buy several copies for upcoming Christmas gifts!



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