[ExI] Tim Wise on White Privilege

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 07:13:17 UTC 2008

>    A recent study by Robert Putnam (titled E
>    Pluribus Unum) found that ethnic diversity increases anomie
>    and social isolation by decreasing people's sense of
>    belonging to a shared community. Democrats should think
>    carefully, therefore, about why they celebrate diversity.
> Nicely said---but about fifty years too late for the west.

Ummm...., what should the West have done over the past fifty years to
prevent this fate?

>    If the purpose of diversity programs is to fight racism and
>    discrimination (worthy goals based on fairness concerns),
>    then these goals might be better served by encouraging
>    assimilation and a sense of shared identity.
> No, it's much simpler than that. The groups suffering from lack
> of group identity and cohesion, and repudiation of shared community,
> will, according to Darwinian principles, simply be replaced by groups
> that are more fit. So the U.S. will become Hispanic and Europe will
> become Moslem. Why? Simply because of meme-sets that got
> loose in the 20th century which caused self-disintegration, and pride in
> who we were.

But will the Mexican/Latino/Hispanic/Spanish who dominate mid and late 21st
century America get along with the Moslems ruling Europe??  I see a fight
happening! lol  Would the temperament and desire to use military force
change for both these power blocs with such drastic changes in their

Singularity save us, but if you lose your sense of community with
> the others who resemble you culturally and ethnically, and this fatal
> attraction becomes common enough throughout your group,
> then you and your group are history.

This has been the primary preaching point of arch-conservative talking head
Pat Buchanan.  By what decade do you think whites will be a minority in the
United States? lol  But it doesn't really matter, what counts is that the
memes/values which lead to American solidarity and greatness are passed on
to those of other ethnic & cultural groups before they dominate the nation.

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