[ExI] VP for Creationism

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 19 03:25:44 UTC 2008

--- On Fri, 9/12/08, Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote:

>Well, it may not be polite or kind under some circumstances, but >ridicule done right is too precious to discard   :-)

You are mistaking ridicule for sarcasm.  Ridicule is meant to humiliate and laugh at.  Sarcasm is to be witty with response  :-)

>Probably what many people long for (in the way of certainty for example) >there won't be any rational substitute for religion.

Yes I agree and I don't think it's a good idea.  I think religion has been around long enough to value purpose. 

>I doubt that religious people are any better behaved on the whole than >the irreligious.

Do you have some study in mind?

>>What are the alternatives to relate the same messages that where >>strongly given to those that had a religious background?  I mean >>messages such as stories like "The Goliath Story", "Family oriented >>stories", "meaningful messages" as opposed to the laws, norms and/or >>myths that exist today.       

>I agree that without stories like that, everyone can start to feel that >society is falling apart, and when everyone starts to feel that way, it >really happens. So that was one thing that religion has been (/is) good >for, namely giving a sense of wholeness to a community.
Well we agree on 1 point:)

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