[ExI] What Makes People Vote Republican

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Fri Sep 19 05:43:55 UTC 2008

--- On Thu, 9/18/08, Emlyn <emlynoregan at gmail.com> wrote:

> McCain + Palin == Abe Simpson + Maude Flanders
> http://www.socialmedia.biz/images/2008/09/12/mccain_palin.jpg
> (hit youtube and compare Palin's voice to Maude
> Flanders, you'll die laughing)

Here is another funny one . . .


At first you think maybe he is looking at her speech on the podium right? But then you realize that she herself never once looks down and modern political candidates use heads-up teleprompters.

Stuart LaForge

"See them clamber, these nimble apes!  They clamber over one another, and thus scuffle into the mud and the abyss."- Friedrich Nietzsche


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