[ExI] Open Learning?

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 07:24:51 UTC 2008

2008/9/19 Bryan Bishop <kanzure at gmail.com>:
> On Friday 19 September 2008, Emlyn wrote:
>> Is anyone well versed on open learning tools / communities online?
> Me, me, pick me! :) I haven't been paying attention these past few
> months though.


>> I've been thinking of doing a deal more study recently, for interest
>> / self-improvement rather than quals. There are some good materials
>> out there these days from universities, notably
> I have a few thousand links on many topics in many introductory college
> courses because of my scowering of the web too .. but not so much the
> structure that you're looking for.

Yeah, some structure. Lots of free information is awesome, but a bit
of structure is a lot more, web 2.0, you know?

A lot of people will read Web 2.0 and vomit a bit in their mouth, but
I'm coming to think it actually represents something :-)
>> However, a bit more of the structure of uni would be nice;
>> particularly a cohort of people doing the same course, so some
>> supportive culture could build up around it. I don't think I would
>> really care about having a formal "lecturer" for a "course", but
>> someone in a light-on tutor role might be nice. Or maybe the group of
>> participants could just help each other out, and dispense with that?
>> Does anyone know of anything like that happening online anywhere?
> I try to hold weekly "Wikipeding" meetings on freenode with others. What
> we do is we go through a subset of Wikipedia as quickly / completely as
> possible, but it's just as easily applicable to streaming video
> annotations and so on. I haven't seen other groups doing this quite
> yet .. but I'm sure they are out there somewhere.
> - Bryan

Ooh, is this a closed group?


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