[ExI] Varying constants and the origin of life

scerir scerir at libero.it
Fri Sep 19 13:56:32 UTC 2008

> That life continues seems to be an argument against this, but maybe the
> continuance of life is much easier to maintain under the current value of
> the constant and genesis itself is harder if not impossible.
> Any thoughts?

No, but the relation between variance of constants (and in general
variance of physical laws) and the very existence of stars 
seems to be discussed here. 

Stars In Other Universes:
Stellar structure with different fundamental constants
-Fred C. Adams
Abstract: Motivated by the possible existence of other universes, with
possible variations in the laws of physics, this paper explores the
parameter space of fundamental constants that allows for the existence of
stars. To make this problem tractable, we develop a semi-analytical stellar
structure model that allows for physical understanding of these stars with
unconventional parameters, as well as a means to survey the relevant
parameter space. In this work, the most important quantities that determine
stellar properties -- and are allowed to vary -- are the gravitational
constant G, the fine structure constant alpha, and a composite
parameter C that determines nuclear reaction rates. Working within this
model, we delineate the portion of parameter space that allows for the
existence of stars. Our main finding is that a sizable fraction of the
parameter space (roughly one fourth) provides the values necessary for
stellar objects to operate through sustained nuclear fusion. As a result,
the set of parameters necessary to support stars are not particularly rare.
In addition, we briefly consider the possibility that unconventional stars
(e.g., black holes, dark matter stars) play the role filled by stars in our
universe and constrain the allowed parameter space.

In general, about the so called 'landscape' ....

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