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Wait. I am missing something here. How will this determine whether they are jumping or falling? This seems a question of intent. Unless this circle of gak is offset where no ants can fall directly into it and must therefore jump in a specific direction to reach it I don't see how this is supposed to answer the question.Even then, the wind could carry them a bit. 

Or is this a misunderstanding? Do you mean to determine whether they are jumping or if they are falling? Or are you simply trying to figure out if they do both?

I have these ants that I swear not only fall out of the tree, but they intentionally catch a breeze to make the leap to my roof. I have never seen them do it but with a ant barrier completely around the foundation it's the only way unless they fly. The closest branch is about 10 feet up, but 2 feet away from being perpendiculat to the edge of the roof. For ants to get to the roof, the wind must blow, the ant must jump, and it needs to happen at the same time...... I get 3-4 black ants in the house a week!

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> If anyone wishes to speculate on whether ants jump or fall out 
> of trees, do
> so today, for I will have the answer tomorrow.  I created 
> two gak bridges
> from tape.  The ants found it within minutes and were 
> crossing both
> directions, over the gak.  So shortly the tree will be 
> filled with ants, and
> I will observe the gak pit, which is a sheet of white paper with 
> a 20 cm
> diameter ring of gak.  Any ant who falls onto the gak pit 
> cannot escape, nor
> can she be joined by an outsider, so she must have fallen from 
> the tree.
> Jump or fall?
> spike
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