[ExI] Yet another health care debate.

John K Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 22 21:14:44 UTC 2008

"BillK" <pharos at gmail.com>

> The US medical system is more expensive because of profiteering
> by the drug  and medical equipment industries, helped along by
> profiteering all  the way down the chain from insurance
> companies, hospitals, doctors inflated wages, lawyers suing
> every which way, etc.

The naturalist can best observe the antics of the endangered Tree
Hugging Socialist in his Prius motorcar, or at a Starbucks in an
upper middle class neighborhood where its plaintive cry "Greed
Greed Greed Everybody's Greedy" reverberates musically around
the walls. Endearingly this amusing creature advocates organizing
society in a way that could never work unless greed did not exist.

> You can already let anyone you like treat you. But you
> will likely die or  be seriously disabled

Bullshit! A nurse and a good medical diagnostic program could
produce pretty good medicine, not the absolute best but pretty
damn good. And you're not going to get the absolute best anyway
unless you're a movie star or a politician.

About the only area where a very very skilled human being is 
still need is surgery. Personally if I needed surgery I'd still go
with somebody the AMA recommends, but that's just me, 
make your own decision.

> If everyone was free to ingest any drug or use any treatment
> they fancied,  then it is likely that there would be a surge in
> demand for ER admissions.

If what I recommend were implemented tomorrow I think 
that's true, there would be a big spike in death, but I don't 
think that spike would last long once the bodies started to stack
up like cordwood. Even for the dimmest mind that would be
food for thought.

And even your beloved American government admits that 
two-thirds of terminal cancer patients do NOT receive adequate 
pain medication because their doctors are afraid of the FEDS
putting them in jail. This is an ATROCITY! And they're just
talking about legal drugs.

Everybody knows no drug alleviates the nausea caused by 
chemotherapy better than marijuana, and everybody knows no
drug stops INTENSE pain better than Heroin, but if doctors use 
either of those things to alleviate suffering your government will
put those wonderful people in jail. That is evil, that is very evil.
There is simply no other word for it.

> Extreme libertarians do, from time to time, bring up the 
> suggestion of  letting all the poor, mentally disabled, 
> physically disabled, etc. fall by  the wayside (evolution 
> in action), but we are trying to civilize them.

You better not tell those dunces that, they may be stupid but 
they're smart enough to recognize your condescending tone 
and they won't like it one bit; nor will the 99% who are not 
incredibly dumb when you tell them that they must live in agony
until they die a hideous and inglorious death because we've got
to protect the moronic 1% from themselves. I really don't think
that will go over very well at all.

  John K Clark

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