[ExI] Terrorized SF authors and astronauts was health care debate.

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Tue Sep 23 19:41:28 UTC 2008

Just to add my support to Keith on this point: Let me say that he knows of
what he speaks. Notice that he did NOT say "Email me privately." That tells
you something about the reach of the organization to which he was
referring. Keith's life and that of his family has been severely affected by
a well-known organization with vast financial resources and no lack of
willingness to use underhanded and even illegal tactics in an effort to hide
their most outrageous activities from public view.


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> At 06:11 AM 9/23/2008, you wrote:
>> At 04:18 AM 9/23/2008 -0700, Damien X- wrote:
>> Larry Niven is an extreme libertarian?  *Remembers "Anarchy Park"*
>> Fair enough, and that horrible construct OATH OF FEELTHY or whatever it's
>> called; lots of outright authoritarianism,
> As a data point, a number of major SF authors and astronauts who you might
> think were brave souls are completely terrorized by a cult I can't mention.
>  Far more terrorized than an objective assessment would justify.
> I am not going to go into details here for fairly obvious reasons, but if
> you see me in person and want to know the stories, ask.
> Keith
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