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Controlling market mechanisms surrounding tulips is arguably frivolous.
this as an example to make an ideological point is likewise.

A government exerting control on crucial fundaments of financial markets,
implementing law that do the same, *and actually enforcing them*, with the
purpose of protecting voters from market predation, exploitation,
callous exclusion or arbitrage is doing what a government is doing -
creating the
requirements for a civil society.

Just as we lock up pedophyles and rapists, we should lock up people that, by
virtue of financial malpractice, callous disinterest, betrayal of position
or gross
incompetence, cause the fundamental conditions for safe, civil life of
people to
be impaired, or destroyed. We lock up people for throwing large cement
on train rails. We should do the same if greedy sociopaths cause comparable
damage to our financial systems and we should prevent these calamities from

Thank the old ones I live in a sane Europe.
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