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The Draka are the fictional creations of science fiction author S.M.
Stirling.  In his Draka series, he made up an alternative history timeline
that is among the most revered but also hotly debated.  The Draka started
out in what we call South Africa, and went on to create a Sparta/Nazi-like
society that eventually conquered the world.  Through extreme genetic
engineering, the Draka recreated themselves to be the living embodiments of
their own warped ideals.  This is a GURPS player's roleplaying game
supplement page about them.  I thought this might make interesting food for
thought among transhumanists.

"Homo Drakensis" is most disturbing in that they control others through
pheromones and have brains that have been genetically engineered to take
aggression and the need for dominance to great extremes.  "Homo Servus" is
what is left of "Homo Sapiens Sapiens."  They have been crafted to be very
compliant and are especially susceptible to Homo Drakensis pheromone
influence.  The Draka, though very intelligent, lost some of the normal
human scientific intuitiveness and creativity due to their extreme brain
modifications that enhanced their capacities for combat.  And so Homo Servus
engineers and scientists are highly prized in keeping technological
innovation going.


Draka timeline...


John Grigg

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