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Thu Apr 2 22:57:18 UTC 2009

Il 02/04/2009 11.04, BillK ha scritto:

> The two generic problems with free access to drugs are the same as
> with free access to anything that might be dangerous in the wrong
> hands.  Guns, explosives, poisons, drugs, acids, nuclear technology,
> nanotechnology, etc.

> Do you want the bad people to be able to just walk into Walmart and buy them?

Why not?
If they can, we can also.
If they do, we can do, also.
Usually they are less than us.

> Do you want the 50% below average intelligence to buy them?

Why not?
They will harm themselves more than they will harm us.
For the lucky ones, we can dispose of them after.

> Do you want the insane or temporarily depressed people to buy them?

They can buy so many things that can harm them and others that is not a 
problem. No way a depressed or a insane is able to build something very 
dangerous. The sane are a greater danger than the insane.

> Do you want your estranged wife or furious alienated teenagers to buy them?

The furious alienated teenagers are for the insane asylums.
The estranged wives are dangerous only when they have a lawyer better 
than your.

> Do you want children to have access to them? (Even if children are
> banned from buying them, if they are freely available to everyone,
> then children will get them).

Natural selection is always working.
Shit happen, sometimes.

> Freedom (or chaos) is a wild venture into the unknown. Best to try it
> in a small society first. Netherlands experimenting with drugs freedom
> is a good solution. Let's watch and see what happens.

After decades we need to see other? It is boring. It didn't happened 
anything important.


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