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> Lots of interesting morsels to consider.
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Ja, the article mentions specifically Knight Ridder, which once published
our local paper the San Jose Merky News.  Knight Ridder was bought by
McClatchy in March 2006, in a stunning example of bad corporate decision
making.  Four years ago today, McClatchy stock was worth 74 dollars a share.
Today it closed at 69 cents.  A share of newspaper stock is now worth less
than a single daily issue of the newspaper.

CraigsList provides free sales ads.  Community online bulletin boards have
obviated much of the local content.  CNN and Fox cover the national and
world headlines.  We can even get comics, sudoku and daily crosswords
online, and I don't have a birdcage, so I really don't know why we still
need to spill all that messy ink and slay perfectly healthy trees in which
countless ants are otherwise cheerfully masturbating aphids.


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