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Florent Berthet florent.berthet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 10:15:21 UTC 2009

Well, the main reason I can think of why there are so few french Exl-ers is
because french people suck at english. It's actually pretty impressive how
much shitty a mentality we can have here. About the english language, I had
already noticed the following in junior high school : if you try to talk
english with a good accent, most of the time you will be laughed at, even in
english class (yes, really.).

In the other and, one reason why there definitely SHOULD be a lot of french
Exl-ers is because France is one of the least religious countries in the
World (at the 8th position).

But in the same time, the culture here is more oriented toward litterature
than science. And by litterature, I mean french litterature, of course. We
can still feel some kind of pride in our philosophers and authors of the
past centuries (which weren't that good in average, but well...). For
example, during all my schooling, I've always been given boring classic
french books to read. Nothing recent, nothing coming from other countries,
nothing even remotely related to science. No wonder then that so few
frenchies are :

• open to other cultures and movements (e.g. the transhumanist one)
• interested in science and the future of our kind ("Isaac Asi-what?!")

And indeed, the only french group related to those topics I could find on
Facebook, called "La singularité technologique Fr", has only 42 members...

This is a real pain, and since this is mostly due to the formal education, I
don't think this is going to change by itself unless the education policy is
modified. Unfortunately, this probably won't happen tomorrow. Laurent
Lafforgue, a french mathematician who received the Fields Medal was, during
some time, a member of the "Education High Council". He has quickly been
forced to resign from it because he was highly critical about what they were
doing to our educational system. He wrote a book on this issue in which he
explains that these folks really seem to be willing to destroy the logic and
curiosity of the children. For example, some private (and more independant)
schools do WAY better than the public schools just by using a different
pedagogy. But the gov. douches just do the exact opposite of what is widely
known as the best methods.

So, this may explain that.

2009/4/2 spike <spike66 at att.net>

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> Welcome Florent.  I think you may be the only ExI poster from France.  We
> noticed some time ago the lack of French ExI-ers.  Why?  We have several
> from Italy, some from other European nations but so few from France.
> spike
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