[ExI] Mind Uploading article in Wikipedia

Eschatoon Magic eschatoon at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 09:31:19 UTC 2009

I think the mini saga started with proposed deletion of the mind
uploading article on Wikipedia (now saved thanks to all those who took
the time to defend it) and the article on the Wired blog are doing a
lot of good for spreading transhumanist ideas. I am sure many
thousands (at least) of people, who had never heard of mind uploading
before, have some familiarity with the mind uploading concept now --
and some of them probably like it.

Thanks to all bioluddite losers and idiots for advertising our ideas!
Let's not be scared of making them angry at us -- they produce the
best PR for us when they are angry. Appeasing them is useless and
boring, while provoking them is productive and fun.

Eschatoon Magic
aka Giulio Prisco

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