[ExI] To Arms!

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Apr 4 21:39:07 UTC 2009

Il 03/04/2009 12.03, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:

>     This is because they are taxed as there is no tomorrow by their
>     governments. Pools show they want more children but feel their are
>     not wealth enough to be able to afford them.

> That is an interesting angle, on which I personally know very little.

> In the seventies, European countries with very high level of taxation,
> namely social democratic Scandinavia, used to have the lowest
> demographic pressure, even in comparison with much poorer areas, such as
> southern Italy or Greece, but this was usually attributed to cultural
> reasons.

The interesting part is that Italy and Spain have lower fertilities than 
the North Europe, when they were used to have hogher.

Another more interesting point is that Morocco had a sudden fall of its 
fertility in the '70, when they needed to finance the war in the West 
Sahara and raised the taxes to the current levels.

Iran have the same level of fertility as Italy, and the women are not so 
much empowered as in Italy or the US.

This is, probably, also a function of the urbanization of large part of 
the population. More people live in city house, less space they have to 
raise their children. I could be wrong, but if the law mandated the 
construction of four bedrooms only apartments we would have much higher 


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