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2009/4/4 Isabelle Hakala <ismirth at gmail.com>

> One of the things that occurs to me about mind uploading is this... I would
> want to upload my mind, and let that 'simulation' run for, oh... say a
> decade, without any outside influences, and me still living in the outside
> world, and then compare notes with my uploaded self. What had each of us
> learned different? Did we still agree on things? What had changed? Etc. For
> me that would be an important step in feeling like it would be worth-while
> to do it again at the 'end' of my life so as to preserve myself, and then
> live on from there. It would answer a lot of questions for me. I believe in
> something one might consider to be a 'soul', and it doesn't bother me to
> think that a simulacrum of myself might be running around someplace that may
> or may not have my 'soul' attached to it as well. Either it would have a
> part of my soul attached to it, which would be fine, or it wouldn't and then
> it wouldn't make any difference at all.
> If this experiment were run, one would be able to see if the simulacrum
> finds life on the 'inside' as satisfying as the person on the outside does.
> Just a thought:)

It would be more prudent (and productive? not sure..) to link the two minds,
organic substrate, the other processor substrate, and let them work on
within the confines of a single consciousness or ego.

Would go well, until one would file for divorce I suppose.
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