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	I would think the ants would rise to the challenge by using chemical
messengers.  John

John part of the exercise is to explain your reasoning, and if so, I might
get some insights regarding how to improve or sharpen the experiment.  I can
give you a line of reasoning that counterindicates your speculation however.
The ants have only a few chemical signals, and only a few but very well
developed instincts.  Like their cousins the sphex wasp, they have very
little or no actual reasoning capacity, only the ability to follow ancient
instinctal procedures that arose by happenstance as described in chapter 7
of Darwin's OoS.  We can learn from the ants, but they cannot or do not
learn from us.

	P.S.  I love the illustrations!  We need more Extropian list posters
to provide artwork to demonstrate their points.

You are too kind Johnny.  

If you want to post sketches, you can make the sketch on microsloth
powerpoint, then select-all on that slide, then select group, then control c
to copy, then go to your message, click inside and hit control v to paste.
If the sketch is really busy it might be too big for the server, in which
case the filter will send it directly to moderator in-box and I will approve
it on thru, assuming it is nothing pornographic.  

Here's a kick.  Consider the above paragraph.  If we thawed someone who was
frozen 25 yrs ago, she would have not the foggiest clue what the heck I was
blathering about, yet I suspect no one here is puzzled by that paragraph.
If it is pornographic I will save it for review.  Daily, for the foreseeable
future.  More often if necessary.



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