[ExI] To Arms! Reward Offered.

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Sun Apr 5 06:54:33 UTC 2009

> I suggest that each individual on this list who uses the term
> "Extropian" to think long and hard about this.  Do you really want to be
> associated with the term "Extropian" if the term "Extropian" can be be
> seen as compatible with advocating that innocent Muslims should be
> expelled from France?  I am not.  I do not want the term "Extropian"
> twisted until it includes something like expelling the innocent Muslims
> from France.  And remember that deportation of innocent civilians has
> been considered a Crime Against Humanity since the Nuremberg Trials.  So
> Extropians; do you embrace the idea that advocating a Crime against
> Humanity is compatible with the Extropian principles or do you reject it
> or do you just not care?

There is a war going on, and not even Extropianism, which should have been
the new
enlightenment, has succeeded in not getting infected by the most loathsome

But whats worse is - yes, I can envision mass forced deportations of muslims
Europe. Yes I can see populist regimes emerging (and there is a remote but
chance one of these <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2HLgAU10A0> gains a
majority vote in dutch parliament by 2011) that can step
away from existing treaties and deport "non-integrated" foreigners, forcing
them out.
I don't like Wilders, largely because his other views are intolerable, but I
can see
where his views on islam come from. I have more 'faith' in humanity than
Geert does,
but I am no enthusiast of islam either. But I despise judeo-christianity
just as much,
and I can't consistently want to banish that segment of society either.

So I guess we are stuck with complexity and uncertainty in this world, and
question is how to deal with these - with confidence or with fear. And I see
being contemplated that have been unthinkable for several decades.
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