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> The Mind or Soul is a byproduct of senses interacting with a body.
> This triggers a memory, that sends you spiraling into a train of free

associations, that tickles, that turns you on and so on.
> You could give a machine a camera, a kinetic sensor, microphones...
> The medium would be pretty alien. I guess someone could get used to

it but sensing through a camera would be as different from seeing as

recording infromation through a microphone is from hearing. I mean,

part of perception is filtration of extraneous data.

There are three potential different entities at play here -
1 - tools. A hammer. A camera. Binoculars.
2 - cognitive tools. A calculator. An automated personal secretary.
3 - cognition.  (??)

The third category of entities is integrated in the human mind. Is a brain
(for instance an iplant <http://www.iplant.eu/>) a 2nd or 3rd category
entity? I'd say 2nd. Not even
augmented reality is a third category.

Imagine a mind inside your mind that interprets your desires and needs, and
wise, fast, prudent, proactive and intelligent choices based on them. For
you were hungry but had exceeded your daily calorie intake (damn you B&J!!),
the device would put out an order for a dish of tomato slices, celery stalks

In that case I can postulate a fourth and a fifth type  -

3 - cognition augmenters (cybernanny, thinkingspeedboost, synthmem)
4-  cognition boosters (???)
5 - superintelligence

Of five I can also say one thing, and I would like people to respond to that

"*superintelligence in the above hierarchy is often seen as a single linear
curve upward.
What if variants of making a mind superintelligent instead were the slow and
result of many hundreds of type 4 and 5 enhancements accumulating*?"
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