[ExI] Mind Uploading article in Wikipedia

Jordan Hazen jnh at vt11.net
Sun Apr 5 12:52:55 UTC 2009

On Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 04:44:31PM -0400, Isabelle Hakala wrote:
> One of the things that occurs to me about mind uploading is this...
> I would want to upload my mind, and let that 'simulation' run for,
> oh... say a decade, without any outside influences, and me still
> living in the outside world, and then compare notes with my uploaded
> self.

Could you elaborate on "without any outside influences?"  Hopefully
this doesn't mean keeping the upload isolated from the world?

I'd think that such an extended period of sensory deprivation would be
extremely unhealthy, perhaps even a recipe for insanity-- at the
least, very stunted development-- especially considering how much
longer a decade might seem to a mind running on faster hardware.

After perhaps a few {minutes|hours|days} of introspection and reliving
memories, I'd be poking about desperately for a "hibernation mode"

If you mean only to avoid all contact between your biological and
uploaded selves, that may not be realistic either.  If nothing else,
the upload would be tempted by curiosity to follow you around on the


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