[ExI] Mind Uploading article in Wikipedia

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun Apr 5 17:43:31 UTC 2009

JKC wrote:

<People wail "but that upload just wouldn't be me" but when asked exactly why
it wouldn't be you the response I get is always the same... plaintive 
cries that silicon could never hope to equal meat, it just couldn't.">

and later:

>If you could find no reason not to walk into a chamber that will make a copy
>of your body and then instantly destroy the original then you are one of the
>very very few that agree with me.

And for all that time I've remained dumbfounded that you can't see 
that these are two entirely independent and different propositions, John.

Almost nobody here, I expect, will claim that minds can run only 
inside live flesh. There is no demonstrable reason for thinking that 
a suitable silicon (or platinum-iridium positronium) substrate 
couldn't emulate a mind.

Going from that near-truism to your suicidal proposition is a 
complete non-sequitur that ignores *point of view*.

But as Kaj said just now, `[Long-time transhumanists] learn to
ignore the "but an upload of you is just a copy" debate when it shows
up the twentieth time, with the same names rehearsing the same
arguments and thought experiments for the fifteenth time.'

Damien Broderick

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