[ExI] A small suggestion [was Re: To Arms!]

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Mon Apr 6 06:16:24 UTC 2009


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> Fred C. Moulton
> Subject: [ExI] A small suggestion [was Re: To Arms!]
> On Sun, 2009-04-05 at 19:34 -0700, spike wrote:
> > 
> > Gentlemen please, we have slain this thread.  Do let us leave it in 
> > the grave, shall we?
> Spike
> Can I suggest instead of saying "Gentlemen" that you may want 
> to use "Gentlepersons" since persons is gender inclusive or 
> perhaps "Gentlebeings" or "Gentleentities"...

True.  I would go for the really inclusive term gentlelifeforms, but since
we may be simulated beings at this moment, even this could be considered
presumptuous.  The prefix "gentle" owes its etymology not to a particular
behavior, but rather towards the tradition of land ownership, and the
inherent defacto ownership of the human that worked that land, from which we
derive the term "genteel."  The term is more about socio-economic class than
nonvoilence.  In modern times we have an ever growing awareness of any
reference to slavery, so we must strike the gentle from gentle lifeforms.

> Also let me observe that just saying that you want to slay 
> the thread might not get the results you want.  As we have 
> seen the same issues have a tendency keep coming back often 
> with a different Subject line.   Fred

This I have noticed too Fred.  We are forced to recognize there is a
delicate topic here that plenty of posters to this forum are eager to
discuss.  Very well.  I do ask everyone here to think carefully, consider
the feelings of the readers, be conscious of the fact that your words can be
seen by anyone forever.  Be like the ants with the two-hole problem: step
back, recognize there may be a better way so that everyone wins.


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