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>>> And belief in a soul does not make a difference to the basic
>>> argument, since it could be argued that even if God miraculously
>>> duplicated your soul in the copy this *still* wouldn't result in
>>> consciousness being transferred.
>> I do not want to beat a dead horse, but what is really the point of
>> going on debating for the umpteenth time whether "consciousness" is
>> "transferred" or not by a given process when the very *existence* of
>> such a thing remains to be defined and demonstrated in the first
>> place?
>> As mentioned another time, it is highly probable that any such process
>> will be considered as providing "continuity" to the identity of the
>> individual concerned whenever this will end up being the dominant
>> social perception.
>> In such circumstances, while it will remains impossible to persuade
>> those who choose to think otherwise, the opposite view will quickly
>> become a marginal, somewhat lunatic belief, adversely affecting the
>> everyday life of those who will actually act in accord with their
>> ideas on the subject.
> I should have gone further to say that not only will some claim "it
> won't really be me" if the soul is magically duplicated, they will
> claim the same thing even if the consciousness (whatever that may or
> may not be) is magically duplicated. The point I am making is that it
> isn't a belief in vitalism, souls or even consciousness that leads to
> this position. There are people on this list who are 100% materialist
> and still say "it won't really be me".
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