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Mon Apr 6 19:45:51 UTC 2009

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 11:09 AM, John K Clark <jonkc at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> "Stefano Vaj" <stefano.vaj at gmail.com>
>> the very *existence* of such a thing [consciousness] remains to be defined
>> and demonstrated in the first place?
> I wish I understood why people feel compelled to say silly things like that.
> There is not one person on planet Earth who thinks he does not think.
> Yes it's true that a good definition of consciousness is probably imposable,
> but that is a small loss. And as for another demonstration of consciousness
> to prove its existence, well obviously that is completely redundant.

There is a difference between "thinking", the thing that brains do,
and the folksonomy references to this thingy called 'consciousness'.
Originally you started this thread asking about why people still cling
to souls, spirits, consciousness, etc. I submit that it's entirely
possible that everyone is very deeply confused about these terms. ;-)
I (think I) like thinking, but I don't think it's the same thing as
consciousness. (Hah! Throw that into your zen kettle and cook it.)

>> what is really the point of going on debating for the umpteenth time
> The point is that the thing you want more to happen than anything else in
> the whole wide world is for your consciousness to continue, even though
> you believe it doesn't exist.

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