[ExI] L'Affaire Bradbury

Chad Robb ninjawaffles at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 16:50:24 UTC 2009

Lee: Indeed, I am only suggesting a certain action taken by one small
nation,constituting less than 1% of the world's people, by physically
*moving* a segment of their population somewhere else.

Its a bit like keeping all dogs out of a library. You can say 'Oh but mine's
a good dog and would never wet the carpet or maul someone.", but the sign
stays up. This is elitist and xenophobic but I does keep things simple. The
answer is simply 'no".

But now you've got them in and there's no way to remove them without looking
like a pseudo-hitler. They have to riot or act in a unified hostility before
people will take them seriously as a threat.
They are trained to be open minded, to be tolerant of other folks, and have
made friends. I'm all for making friends.

All you can do is leave when it gets tense. It's easier to don slippers than
carpet the world.
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